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Intelligent cloud computing lifts villages out of water poverty

Computer SuperCenter knows greater computing power enables greater innovations. See how researchers are using Microsoft Azure to develop new ways to eliminate water poverty in Kenya. Cloud-based computing gives each device the power of the cloud; machine learning algorithms using integrated data makes information usable to decision makers. Processes are significantly faster, parameters can be explored quickly, and information is collected and analyzed at a higher rate. Information is power, and with the right tools, these researchers harness that power and maximize efficiency in solving for real life issues.
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What matters more than data protection? Nothing. With your customers' data in the #Azure cloud, they gain not only agility, cost savings (up to 50 percent), and competitive advantage--but also the benefits of built-in backup, disaster recovery, and security. So while #Azure helps speed your customers' digital transformation and fuels their business growth, it also gives them that most valuable of benefits: peace of mind, knowing their data is safe in the cloud. Maybe that's why 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust the Azure cloud.
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Transforming sales: Microsoft removes obstacles and gives back time with Dynamics 365

CRM systems are critical for every business. How do you rank your system? At Computer SuperCenter, we want you to access the tools that will take your customer sales experience to the highest level. Microsoft uses Microsoft Sales Experience (MSX) to track customer interactions as part of the sales opportunity pipeline and to accelerate deals because direct sales represent about 50% of total Microsoft revenue. Your business can use the same system that Microsoft uses to maximize your sales potential. Contact us today to find out more on how MSX can help your organization engage customers and convert sales.
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