Jumping Sumo

Jumping Sumo

Jumping Sumo also always lands on its wheels.

Jumping Sumo performs acrobatics as never seen before. Thanks to its advanced jumping system, Jumping Sumo can vertically and horizontally jump up to 80 cm/2.5 feet. It rolls at up to 2m/s and turns 90° and 180° in the blink of an eye. The battery is also compatible with MiniDrone Rolling Spider.

Adjustable Wheels
Depending on your level of experience you can opt for stability (wheels extended) or speed (wheels retracted). Thanks to its sturdy, shock-proof design you can jump, roll, spin and explore without stopping. Program your own animations and choreograph different moves and tricks to impress your spectators. A removable Lithium-Polymer battery provides up to 20-minutes of fun.

Jumping Sumo generates its own WiFi connection allowing for automatic connectivity to a smartphone or tablet.

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