Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone produces the best flight performance ever seen in a leisure drone. The feather-weight ABS reinforced structure makes Parrot Bebop Drone robust and safe. In case of an emergency, the emergency function automatically stops the propellers and lands the drone. EPP hulls are included in the pack and ensure that indoor flights are safer.


To ensure optimal stability without compromising the maneuverability, the Bebop Drone automatically analyses data from numerous 3-axis sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer. One ultrasound sensor with an 8 meters reach, one pressure sensor and one vertical camera to measure speed.

14 megapixel fish-eye camera records and takes pictures within a 180 degree field of view. Full-digital image stabilization technology allows the Bebop Drone to take remarkably stable and clear aerial footage.

Integrated GPS allows you to directly control your drone directly on the map. Plan flights on your smart phone, save over 350 flights and watch them in 3D with the Parrot Cloud.

Wi-Fi hotspot
MIMO Wi-Fi connection: Parrot Bebop Drone embarks 2 dual-band Wi-Fi antennas that allows it to handle both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz MIMO frequencies. It generates its own Wi-Fi 802.11 network.

180 degree vision
The pilot can control the angle of the camera directly in the piloting application with a simple movement of the thumb. The horizontal movement on a 180° angle is fully digital and does not affect your drone's movements.

Return Home

When Return Home is selected the Bebop drone returns directly to its starting position when the altitude is greater than 10 meters. It it is less, it will rise and stabilize itself before returning to its take-off position in a straight line.

Freeflight 3 - Free App

Parrot Bebop Drone comes with a free piloting application "Freeflight 3" for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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